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The Eastern Daily Press Newspaper (EDP)

Eastern Daily Press

The Eastern Daily Press (EDP) is printed six days a week, with up to five editions printed each day and a total print run for the week of over 465,000 copies. Copies are distributed throughout the Eastern Counties of England.

When Archant Print Centre was opened in 1994, the EDP was its first title.

Earlier it was printed at Prospect House as a broadsheet but shortly after moving it changed to a full colour tabloid newspaper.

Over the years the EDP has increased in size, especially through printing additional supplements.

On a weekly basis Archant Print Centre pre-prints and inserts five EDP supplements including property and motor supplements with two of the five being stitched. Pre-print and special advertising insertions, booklets and leaflets are regular additions.

The EDP is delivered directly to newsagents, the distribution department utilising the Archant Print Centre to print and label individual bundles addressed to over 850 outlets.

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Archant Print division named runner-up

The Archant Print division was



"Archant has continued to achieve the high standards set by Bauer to meet the requirements of a competitive market."

"Printing a multi-edition daily newspaper is a demanding job, but Archant Print consistently deliver great customer service, deadline performance and high quality."

"Knowing we can supply details at the last minute means we can concentrate on what really matters."

Frank Ryan

Production Director, Bauer Media

Editor-in-Chief, Archant Norfolk

Martin Herman

Joint Owner of Police/Ambulance life

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